This strange dream I had

A couple of days ago I dreamt a dream. It’s was a strange dream, taking place in a sort of house/basketballcourt. There were also a coach there from my club and a guy in my club that I’ve liked before. He’s a bit older than me and therefore I haven’t really done something, I just sort of kept quiet about it.

In the dream I had become a beginner at basketball again. The coach was walking with me as I moved along a track with a basketball. The guy was watching from a distance.

Then I sit with him at his table. I’m sitting in front of him and we’re laughing and flirting. We stare into each others eyes and our faces keep coming closer.wWe both smile and then I close the gap between us and give him a kiss. It’s a short kiss but a very cozy one. I move away from his face and look at him. He’s surprised but not angry. It’s a positive look in hos face. “I thought you wanted to” I say. Then I’m off again an moving along the track with the coach. We follow the track upstairs in the house and I know that the guy is watching. The guy follows us upstairs, because he wants to follow ME.

That’s what I remember from the dream. Talked to my friend about it and she said I was probably in love with him, and I probably am. I think I’m kind of connected to him somehow, because when I had a boyfriend I was in love with my boyfriend and not with him. At that time I saw him only as a friend. But now I think I’m seeing him in a romantic way, even though I’m trying to deny it – because of the fact that I know it will never be us.

What do you guys think? Am I in love? Someone who wants to share a story?

With love



2 thoughts on “This strange dream I had

  1. Considering how fickle dreams are – I tend not to trust them. I dream of a different boy – many fictional- every time I dream XD Dreams usually tie into recent events that happened in our lives, or things we were thinking of before we slept. It was something on our subconscious mind, but it only has the meaning that you give to it. 🙂

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