Audition at school

Kind of silently freaking out about the fact that I´m going to audition in a month. I´ve already done it once and was approved, but this time we will be given points, and the higher point you get, the higher chance of beeing accepted to the school. I´m getting 15 minutes in there with the “judges” (teachers in who know what subject) to show my abilites. So I need to pick 2-3 songs that I can sing and play the guitar to. Haven´t played for a long time now so we´ll see how that goes… Probably going to sing Breakeven by The Script and a jazzy song that I had in my singing lessions once.

I´ve also recently been sick, and just became sick again a couple of days ago so when praticing it hasn´t been sounding that great… Really need to start practicing seriously now – get a grip Sara! Yeah yeah – calm down! (I´m always too relaxed about stressed situations)

I really shouldn´t be talking to myself…

With love



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