You need to calm down!

One thing that I at first thought didn´t exscist in basketball was angry coaches. I mean the strict type that sometimes punished you during training i´m used to, that´s normal. I worked at a couple of games and everyone was really nice and calm about the situation, regardless of whom won. I found basketball to be a sport where everyone did their best and respected each other, and pushed one another at games. But that image disappeared after a while, when my club was holding the match, and the other teams coach was really intimidating. I used to have a “scary” coach before, but at least I knew he was nice inside and he would never be mean at a match, only supporting.

This coach on the other hand wasn´t supporting in any way. I´ve met two coaches like this, one man and one woman. The woman actually yelled at her team in the dressing room after they´d lost the game.

Why are we making such a big thing of these games? Isn´t it more important for the kids to have fun? Fine if you´re competetive when you´re coaching a NBA team or just a team on an higher level. But when there´s kids on the court – really? Not only could you harm their self-esteem, but you create a negative atmosphere for everyone at the game.

So I would like to send a message to all the ones that coaches that´s responsable for a youth team – calm down for goodness sake, we´re talking about kids!



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